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There is a house in Omaha called the Prairie House, designed by Randy Brown Architects. The cool thing about this house is that it was designed, from start to finish, completely by Randy Brown himself. This is not usually done, houses and buildings are usually a team effort, with lots of different people playing lots of different roles. However, the owners requested that Randy himself be the only one on this project and no-one else. I agree with them, he did a mighty fine job, they might have also requested it because Randy was their son, though ūüôā

   Another unusual piece that went into building this house was the order in which it was designed. Most houses have a planning stage and then a building stage followed by an interior design stage (sometimes). This house was done very differently. The mass shape was sketched and the foundation was poured. The outside was designed, the shell went up. Then Randy Brown focused on the inside of the house. This extraordinary house took three years to build, outside- in.

Now, Randys’ parents did not make things easy for their son. Forgetting about the extreme climate changes in Nebraska for a moment, they wanted two very different styled homes. Where his father wanted high ceilings his mother wanted intimate spaces. When his dad asked for glass walls, his mom said she wants marble. Randy seized the problem with two hands. Literally. He made an arc for each of his parents out of clay and played with them to intersect and loop and create one home. The exterior has the arcs ending in gorgeous vertical windows (or glass walls for dad). The interior has cozy intimate spaces where the arcs go low and a huge double height living room where they intersect.

¬†¬†Randy didn’t forget about the climate in Omaha, Nebraska either. Those huge windows on the south side? ¬†switch glass that gives privacy- and protects from the hot summer sun. The marble floors his mother wanted? Radiant heated floors, and the whole north wall is solid too, packed with insulation. Every single thing was thought out, even the window frames that are made out of steel to create contrast from the white serve a structural purpose. One must say Randy did succeed in this mission.

  So, besides for the beautiful home that we got to explore, what else can we learn from this amazing Prairie House? In my opinion it is something so special. See, Randys parents wanted opposite things. Their wish lists seemed to straight out contradict each other! However, Randy managed to make them both happy in one living space and we can be assured they probably lived there very happily together. If we apply this to every aspect of our lives how awesome would all our relationships be? Business, marriage, friendship- we can have it all. We can even have a living room that we both love and feel comfortable in as Randy so nicely showed us. Let me know how you intersected in your lives and made two opposites work together! See ya next time!

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