The 5 Q’s you should commit to memory

I am writing this post as a response to what I see and talk about every day in my job. I think this is very important for anyone setting up or re-setting up a room in their house. So, if you're thinking of upgrading a bedroom, renovating your living room, or just...

Sight For Sore Eyes

So.. we all have been there and had that dilemma. We have a gorgeous room, designed to the tee. We sat on Pinterest and picked and chose, painted and shopped, refurbished and up cycled. Or maybe you just finally got a room in your house set up. And then we move in and...

Why I am in the design business to begin with

I started looking into what it takes to design a home. Almost immediately, I realized that I actually had a very pressing question indeed. I wanted to know what was important when it came to setting up a space? Was it the way the space looks? or the way the space functions? And so the article was born.

Three Of My Favorite Styles

The truth is, I love all design styles and decors, and to write about them all in one blog post is impossible. In my opinion, the real treasure is when you mix it up. Pair modern and antique. Throw some mid-century and gothic together. Although it is important to tie everything together in a room so it doesn’t look haphazard, it is just as important to not be afraid.

All About Australia

All About Australia this is where i would write what was in the blog Bla There is a house in Omaha called the Prairie House, designed by Randy Brown Architects. The cool thing about this house is that it was designed, from start to finish, completely by Randy Brown...