Want to set your home up but dont know where or how to start? Want to go from screaming in frustration to relaxing on your couch in your beautiful living room? Below are the exact steps you need to take that will take you from overwhlem to happiness. Or if you rather watch it on video you can find that here. Each step will be broken down into its own blog post and video but the overview with quick explanations is a good way to jumpstart the process.

1. Break It Down. 

You want to break down the room into bite sized chunks. Figure out the different areas and set them apart from each other. While the room has to look cohesive this will keep it from looking confusing. So for example, if you are designing a bedroom make sure you have the bed area, the sitting area, the dressing area etc.

2. Ask Yourself and Prepare

Before designing any room it is important to ask yourself the following questions. What will I use this room for? What do I like about this room and what do i dislike? What do I like or dislike in general? What is my budget? There is a whole blog post detailing these questions and can be found here.

3. Choose a Style. 

When setting up a room you want to make sure you find a style and stick with it so that the room looks well thought out and not just a hodge-podge of items. Ask yourself how you want to feel in this room (ex: comfortable and cosy). Next figure out what makes you feel that way (ex: a big soft deep couch). Now do some research and see what styles have the attributes you wrote down, and pick your favorite.

4. Choose a color palette

Once again, think about what you want to feel, but this time instead of physical think about emotional. (ex: hungry). Once you have that down, once again do some research and see what colors create that emotion. Find the color on the color wheel – this is 60% of the color in your space. Now locate the color directly across your base- this is going to be 30% of the color in your room and is called the complimentary color. Lastly, pick a color directly adjacent to one of the two colors above – this is your accent color and will take up 10% of the room. Obviously colors can be added and rules can be broken but this is the basic way to choose colors.

5. Take it all out. 

Don be lazy here, and don’t cheat yourself. By taking everything out of the room you are removing the constraints your brain has and letting yourself imagine what can be in the space. Remove everything possible and let your mind roam free.

6. Go shopping. 

But wait, before you grab your car keys, go shopping in your own home. Anything that fits your style, and your color palette, go ahead and bring into your space. Once that is done stand in the room and make a shopping list of what is missing. NOW you can go shopping, but make sure you go to stores that fit your budget account and stick to your list.

7. Set it all up

Think about how the stuff in the room will be used. Imaging people walking around, and make sure to accommodate that. Check that there are clear pathways and easy use of the furniture in the room. Make sure your accents are accenting and not cluttering and BAM you are good to go!

For more information and to learn more click on the video below.

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