A 90 minute consultation in which I will give you design schemes, ideas, and brainstorm with you to reach the perfect design plan for your space.


Perfect for anyone short on time or on a hard schedule, all you gotta do is sit on your couch and pick up your phone 🙂 



This simple service removes the scary from setting up your home. Style&Source will help you find your style, communicate your needs, and source the items that your room needs.

All without the insane cost or letting a stranger into your home that comes with hiring a professional. This extremely detailed questionnaire asks all the right questions, and you pay up front to avoid any hidden fees.



After receiving your room design you can choose to have it proffesionaly set up. This includes three visits from Kayla. Set, Buy, and Stage.

Set – Kayla will come to your home and set up the room, taking notes of what needs touching up.

Buy – Kayla will go shopping for you to buy the little accents and last touches (you’re invited to come along)

Stage- Kayla will set up the room and finish the staging so your room looks and feels absolutely perfect.


This course will walk you through every room of your home and teach you how to pull it all together in your own unique style.

It is easy to go through, with step by step how-tos in layman terms and necessary information you and your home (and your guests) will love. Teaching you what makes a room work, how to mix and match, and even how to find your style.

$250 click image to purchase