So.. we all have been there and had that dilemma. We have a gorgeous room, designed to the tee. We sat on Pinterest and picked and chose, painted and shopped, refurbished and up cycled. Or maybe you just finally got a room in your house set up. And then we move in and slowly watch the beauty get hidden behind super necessary super annoying storage.

Ever wonder if there was a way we can store things without it hindering the design? What if someone told you that you can actually design a room in a way that it has storage built in and you won’t need to add anything to it? Below are some tips you can incorporate into the design of your home, room, or office so that the storage becomes a sight for sore eyes. Instead of an eyesore.

#1 Floating Shelves





These are great for adding spiceand color to a room. You can paint the wall the shelves are hanging on in a fun color. Hang the shelves up in an interesting pattern. You can even draw a picture outline or an initial with them. The options are endless and the color opportunities are amazing. Floating shelves seem like a “duh” kind of option. And I know some people are saying “ya, but those shelves are gonna get cluttered etc.” Well guess what, they won’t! Because you are going to have a space and spot for everything and there will be no more stuffing things wherever they fit. You can also place items on the shelves that prevent the stuffing of random stuff lying around.

#2 Down Below

Our furniture takes up a lot of precious real estate. And chances are that real estate is not being fully taken advantage of. Lets say you have a bed with a thick base: shallow big containers for storage. (I say thick base because if you have a bed with very sparse legs and high mattress the containers are too visible and it doesn’t add to the beauty of the room) Or if you have a washer dryer- raise them on a platform and put drawers underneath. You can even use end tables that the bottom is pure storage. Take advantage of this untapped space.

#3 Furniture Doubles

Many pieces of furniture can double as storage if you shop for just a few more minutes. Foot rests that open up. Stools that open up. Couches with inside storage- that open up. Basically almost any piece of furniture can be opened up and have storage put inside you just need to find the shop that sells it! And some of them are super cool looking as well. so there’s that.

#4 Embrace it

Go ahead and buy storage items. Buy bookshelves and crates and all that stuff that you try to avoid. But this time buy the special ones. Buy the bookshelves that incorporate glass or are cool angles. Shop for the crates that have really cool designs that match your decor. Design your room using storage items , you just have to make sure to get the right ones is all.

#5 Hang it up

I know this sounds weird but almost everything can be hung up on a wall. On hooks, nails. or straight on there. You can make a cool accent wall of almost any item in your house. If you can’t hang up baskets and bins and put the stuff inside that. Stuffed animals for example- just hang up a basket and throw them all inside. Voila, you have 3D wall art and storage and clear floors.

So there you have it, some tips and tricks and little hacks to get your brain wheels moving. Comment below if you think of any other cool ideas and help people out!

Design ya later!