Why and How I Became an Interior Designer

Before I became aware that I was going to go into the field of interior design, I knew I loved styling and designing homes and spaces. From a very young age I would switch my room around to bring out the max potential in it. About once a month. Drove my sister crazy, poor girl.

When I was in high school, I had to write an article to pass the English exam. (I grew up in Israel). The article had to be in the form of answering a question that we felt passionately about. Obviously, my passion was interior design and home decor, but what question could I ask?

I started looking into what it takes to design a home. Almost immediately, I realized that I actually had a very pressing question indeed. I wanted to know what was important when it came to setting up a space? Was it the way the space looks? or the way the space functions? And so the article was born.
After a lot of research and hard work I came to the conclusion that it depends. Shocking, right? But in all honesty there wasn’t one clear answer. Every product, every creation, had its own set of rules. For example, a mixer in the kitchen: much more important for it to be functional than for it to be beautiful correct? However, a piece of art thats only function is to sit on the wall, needs to be a lot more beautiful than it is functional. And so it went.

When it came to interior design however, it got even more confusing. Not only was there no clear answer in general, within interior design there were conditions and differences. A space needs to be more functional than beautiful as a general rule since if it doesn’t work it leads to bad vibes no matter how pretty it is. On the other hand, if it is only functional and not beautiful it doesn’t make one feel good either. And so it was that I got the answer to my questions.

What comes first, Form of Function? In interior design it is one and the same. The function needs to have form.

Interior design is in itself a combination of both sides of the coin, and an interior designer knows they were successful when the function of the room is as beautiful as a sunset  on a clear summers day.

So, I started my business. I started my mission. I decided that I was going to go into all the functional but ugly, pretty but not working, ugly and not working spaces. And I was going to transform them into beautiful, functional rooms that the inhabitants can thrive inside.

And can you believe, I am actually doing it?

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