Style That Feels Good In Your Soul And Looks Good On Your Wall.

 With  degrees in architectural engineering and interior design, we are trained to take your dream design ideas and turn it into your reality. 

All across the state of New York and beyond, we’ve worked with families just like you. They all know what they want. They see it in their mind. They pin it on mood boards. But their paint sample collection collecting dust in the garage tells us they don’t know how to translate that style into functional, beautiful spaces that make their heart sing.

The difference between that Pinterest mood board and your current living room is an interior designer.

Someone who’s spent years honing their visual design skills so they can listen to what you want and translate it into a beautiful space for you.


We Offer Four Unique Design Services. Consultation, Designer Day, Virtual, and Full Service

Consultation - $250

A two hour visit to your house in which we are at your service, whatever you need design wise. Whether it is to brainstorm about how to furnish a space, walk through the house and make a plan with you for you to implement, or simply pick out light fixtures with you. We can also give construction advice, select paint colors, and share vendors and stores we work with.

At the end of this meeting you will get the document of all the notes we take throughout plus any links or sketches that may have come up during the meeting. If you opt for it, you will also get a quote for our full service and how much it would cost for us to do the work.


After you came I started implementing what we spoke about. By the end of the day I feel so much better and my house finally feels like a home and not a storage unit. I had been in this accepting (depressed) state of mind that its ok to live in boxes but hearing you and seeing you gave me that push to make it happen. And I actually feel better.

One Day Designer - $1000


Ever dreamed of just having someone come and make your house look like it looks in your head? You have the furniture, but something is just.. off. 

Well, here is how it works. We come to your house first thing in the morning and spend some time talking about the space, your style, and your budget.

Then we go out and go shopping, staying within the amount you asked us to. When we come back, we kick you (lovingly) out of the room, and then set it up for you all gorgeous! 


It’s so beautiful. I love it so much. It’s literally the coziest place ever now. A bunch of yummy pillows in different textures, and this blanket, omg! and i’m SO THANKFUL you shopped, so much less stressful for me.


Virtual Design - $750


Want to design your house, make it your own but have no idea how to actually find the items and set it up? Enter the virtual design service.

 You send us pictures and measurements of the room, along with inspiration pictures and a budget. We create an entire design concept from floor and paint, to throw pillows. These design concepts include a moodboard, a spreadsheet with all the information, links and instructions, and a 3D model of the space. We send it to you, you send back comments, and we tweak three times. Then, while you purchase all the items and install we are available for any questions. This does not include kitchen and bathrooms, those get a custom price. 


Feels exactly how I always wanted my home to feel and look. It’s so warm! Its always a pleasure working with you, but I really did not think I  would be able to implement myself. Thank you for this!

Full Service - $Custom

This is for those who want to sit back and relax, and let someone else stress. If you just moved into a new home, are finally ready to renovate, or are empty nesters this is for you.

We come in, take measurements and talk about your style and budget. Then we create a design concept which we present in person with samples. Once the design concept is perfected we manage the entire project including demo, construction (floor plans), delivery and installation. We have a contractor we work with, vendors we know and trust, and all you have to do is show up to the reveal. This can be done virtually as well. 


It looks so neat and put together and professional! It’s so nice and warm and I love it! The downstairs looks amazing and I am using it which is the best! Its not just pretty and dont touch, its livable. You seriously are amazing and went above and beyond and stayed until everything was done! thank you!

Captivatingly Composed Spaces

More than just a room. Welcome to a place where the best memories are made. A place you love for the people you love. A place to relax deep in your bones after a busy day.

Because you’re busy. You don’t have time to be thinking about interior design. But every time you walk into your living room you cringe at the ugly panelling and the 50 shades of beige colour scheme that came with the house. 

As visual beings, we crave beauty. 

Delight the senses with beautifully designed spaces. 

Outer Beauty. Inner Peace

Nothing compares to walking into a room that feels so uniquely you. You instantly unclutch your jaw, drop your shoulders and breathe deeply. 

One size does not fit all when it comes to interior design. That’s because not all of us like minimalism. Some of us are maximalist. And others like industrial urban chic. 

What you want matters. 

A place that’s perfect for entertaining the kids by day and hosting a dinner party by night.  A place that makes your wine taste nicer. A place that sends you off to blissful sleep every night. 

Shake off the hectic day. Erase your tidying up to-do list. Your space works for you.