Captivatingly Composed Spaces.

More than just a room. Welcome to a place where the best memories are made. A place you love for the people you love. A place to relax deep in your bones after a busy day.

Because you’re busy. You don’t have time to be thinking about interior design. But every time you walk into your living room you cringe at the ugly panelling and the 50 shades of beige colour scheme that came with the house. 

As visual beings, we crave beauty. 

Delight the senses with beautifully designed spaces. 

Outer Beauty. Inner Peace.

Nothing compares to walking into a room that feels so uniquely you. You instantly unclutch your jaw, drop your shoulders and breathe deeply. 

One size does not fit all when it comes to interior design. That’s because not all of us like minimalism. Some of us are maximalist. And others like industrial urban chic. 

What you want matters. 

A place that’s perfect for entertaining the kids by day and hosting a dinner party by night.  A place that makes your wine taste nicer. A place that sends you off to blissful sleep every night. 

Shake off the hectic day. Erase your tidying up to-do list. Your space works for you. 

Style That Feels Good In Your Soul And Looks Good On Your Wall.

Hey, I’m Kayla and with a degree in architectural engineering and interior design, I’m trained to take your dream design ideas and turn it into your reality. 


All across the state of New York and beyond, I’ve worked with families just like you. They all know what they want. They see it in their mind. They pin it on mood boards. But their paint sample collection collecting dust in the garage tells me they don’t know how to translate that style into functional, beautiful spaces that make their heart sing.


The difference between that Pinterest mood board and your current living room is an interior designer.


Someone who’s spent years honing their visual design skills so they can listen to what you want and translate it into a beautiful space for you.

Consultation + Custom Packages

No two families are the same. No two interior design projects are the same either. That’s why I design and individually tailor solutions and options for you and your family.

From furnishing to full services, here’s how we work: 

Virtual Design Services  

Shoot an email to with your style inspo images, a video of the room, and measurements. Kayla will create a design and send it to you in the form of a 3D model (as if you are standing in the room), a mood board ( a collection of images of the products selected) and a google sheet detailing where to buy what and for how much as well as how to install. You will get one round of fixes and text access to Kayla so you have someone guiding you every step of the way.

Initial Consultation

We’ll start with a 2-hour consultation. I’ll come out to your home where we can meet, chat and throw around all our exciting hopes and ideas for your space. During this time, we’ll work out which of my services best align with your needs. 

You’ll receive my notes from the meeting including any sketches I’ve drawn.   

This consultation package can be purchased as a stand-alone service or as our initial consultation for a custom package. 

I’ll go away and prepare a detailed design proposal including the full scope of works and the timeline and a quote.

Initial consultation fee is $250.

Concept Development

Your individually tailored, every detail covered design plan. 

I’ll create all required documentation from floor plans and elevations, materials + finishes boards, computer-generated 3D visualisations, and schedules including all decorative items, from furniture to soft furnishings and finishes, lighting to accessories. We’ll work together until we perfectly capture everything you need for a beautiful and functional space.

Once you are 100% happy with everything, documents are signed and orders are placed. 

Supply and Style

This is where things get super exciting!  

I organise all the furniture and fittings. In fact, I send everything to my warehouse to triple check. Then, I send you out for lunch with your girlfriends while my team and I makeover your home. 

You come home to your very own reveal party, complete with bubbles to celebrate your amazing new space. 

Let’s do it once and do it right. 

Custom packages range from $450 to $5,000 per room.

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